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Ideas for Patio Gardens

Try a taste of Provence Create an outdoor living area for the summer months. A fragrant lavender garden sets the French theme for this relaxed seating area set away from the house in a shady spot. Mismatched painted furniture gives a shabby chic look, with a rustic wooden bench and old wicker chair as the focal point. Faded floral and toile cushions pull the whole scheme together, that’s reminisent of classic French style. Incoming search terms: lavender garden , shabby chic garden ideas , house garden , home garden ideas


September Ideas for Garden

In the kitchen garden Clear stems and leaves from vegetable beds and sow final crops of lambs lettuce and oriental salads (the latter can also be sown as an edible green manure, instead of covering beds with compost if you are otherwise going to leave them fallow for a season). Water tomatoes, beans and courgettes sparsely as their production period is coming to an end; continue to water autumn and winter vegetables regularly. Make sure you harvest fruit and vegetables regularly this month; leaving crops on the bough can lead to rot and disease setting in.


Easy Garden Ideas

Give garden decking a decorative twist Think beyond linear planks and use decking in new, inventive ways to give a small garden a strong personality. This diamond design gives a simple pathway real beauty. Incoming search terms: garden decking ideas


Bright Ideas for Garden – Acid Colours

Team a bright wall with zingy accessories Get a bold and zingy Miami feel with candy pink walls and fluorescent accessories. The potted palm tree adds a tropical vibe.


Urban Garden Ideas

Add a splash of indulgence An outdoor shower can add a luxe feel to your outside space and a touch of indulgence on a hot summer day, and no garden or terrace is too small to accommodate one. Incoming search terms: home gardens


Summerhouse Style Garden – Ideas

Create the perfect retreat Tucked away at the bottom of the garden, a summerhouse provides a picturesque focal point and shelter from the midday sun. This octagonal room has small-paned windows, a tiled roof and weathervane, creating the perfect country look. Incoming search terms: country garden ideas


Flower Tower – Vertical Planter

The new Flower Tower is a great vertical planter that save space a lot. Each cylindrical tube planter holds up to 30 plants and features a unique internal watering tube that allow you to easily water from the top and not miss a single plant. Perfect for balconies, patios and verandas, this portable growing system will give spectacular results. Incoming search terms: Flower Tower Planter , flower planter ideas , planter

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