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Gorgeous cottage is bright red

The main feature of this house, is unconditional, it is the location – a hill overlooking a lake in the northern part of Sweden. During construction the owners wanted as little as possible to change something in the landscape, so the house is now surrounded by the untouched trees, meadows and hillsides. Interior space is decorated with extraordinary love and inspiration, and the white color gives it a “lightness” home.


Bright ideas for apartment interior

The idea and the apartment interior in white with bright accents in the details. White color – visually makes the apartments and rooms in it more spacious and bright, but in itself – it looks boring. In order to bring to a white interior design of bright colors – you can add a touch of color. In this case – it is orange, blue and purple lavender mint color.


White kitchen. Don’t be afraid of the color!

Don’t be afraid to use white color in your interior! The same applies to the kitchens too, which often lack light and space. White color will add some light and air to this part of your home. White color is obtained when all light is reflected by a surface. It means that it is the brightest and the lightest of the colors, which will visually enlarge your kitchen, making it more lighted and bright itself. This is why it is often chosen for small or insufficiently illuminated rooms, like ones facing to the north or shaded by near-standing trees. Of…


Interior of a country house

The white color is attractive your ease, impeccably clean and impressive. White in the interior – it is always a good move. He gives a lot of opportunities not only for the interior decoration, but also to change the space, visually pushing its boundaries and increasing the volume. In the interior of the white color was particularly popular in Europe and America, 20′s and 30′s, when the white walls and furniture were the symbol of the aristocratic way of life owners of the house, a sign of wealth and sophistication. Minimalist interiors 60 white used in a completely new role:…


White kitchen

White kitchen is always pure, fresh and bright. It is an ideal place for the culinary creator, and it doesn’t matter in what direction his preferences are. White color is suitable for classical, modern, or rural style. White color not only increases space visually, but also provides a lot of opportunities for arrangement of accents. For example, it is possible to use the bright textiles freely, unusual lamps, and a tree of saturated shades or a bright tile as a floor covering. It is difficult to be mistaken decorating a white interior in general. Practically everything looks good on its…

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