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White kitchen. Don’t be afraid of the color!

Don’t be afraid to use white color in your interior! The same applies to the kitchens too, which often lack light and space. White color will add some light and air to this part of your home.
White color is obtained when all light is reflected by a surface. It means that it is the brightest and the lightest of the colors, which will visually enlarge your kitchen, making it more lighted and bright itself. This is why it is often chosen for small or insufficiently illuminated rooms, like ones facing to the north or shaded by near-standing trees.
Of course, white kitchen furniture set will look gorgeous. It may be performed as classic, or as a high-tech one as well. However, modern style is more appropriate for this color.
White is perceived and taken as a clean and fresh color. It is less easily soiled than other hues: dust, stains and fingerprints on the furniture will be less visible, so sustaining it clean will take less time and effort.

Generally speaking, white kitchen might be single-color, but it would be better to alternate it with other colors, for example, with the opposing black or near-standing pink or beige. It could be also amplified with veneer sheet or natural wood facades. Any other furniture, performed in a contrasting color, will only emphasize the noble background tone.
Why is it necessary? On the one hand, thus it will not resemble hospital or laboratory, on the other, it will give your kitchen the atmosphere and implement an idea you wish to put in its design.
White is also known for its ability to change other colors’ perceived properties, for example, blue color becomes warmer, and red becomes less aggressive. And of course the complimentary association of black and white, which is classical for design, is always an option for any kind of interior.
Floor painted in white will rub away in the most treaded parts as time passes, and it will be up to you whether to renew the floor color or to leave it rubbed as a reminder of those who has been at your place.

During redecoration in my parents’ home I insisted on painting the floor white in all rooms. Although parents resisted a lot, I persisted even more because I knew how beautiful the result of this daring experiment may be!
White color is a perfect background for bright details. You will never have problems with choosing color for your curtains or chairs, because it matches virtually any color. At the same time, objects of other colors, like lamps, clock or tableware will play a great role in the general picture.
In order to make your design decision look even more attractive, you could also experiment with the ceiling color.

By now, no one in my family reproaches me for this idea, because everyone is pleased with the result.
Just look at the white kitchen!
However, in the conclusion it ought to be mentioned that wrong illumination of light furniture could make it either too bright, or too cold, which in both cases will become a drawback. This is why one should be very careful choosing lighting, so it will not spoil but stress white interior’s magnificence.

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