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Spa In Montreal Floats – Unique Idea

There’s nothing quite like a tranquil day at the spa with nothing but you and your thoughts to wash away the stresses of the week. Take any spa and add in a view of Montreal’s port, great finishes and couple that with actually being on the water – and you’ve got “Bota Bota” Scandinavian Spa. Sid Lee Architecture was awarded the design and construction of this ferry renovation back in 2008, and the team decided on sticking with the boat/porthole inspired designs and playing off of the water based ideas. The architect shares that the end result is a “multisensory…


Unique Interior Solution by Supermachine

Advertising agencies tend to be some of the most creative places employing free thinkers and those who come up with the campaigns that stick– so it’d be crazy not to have an office conducive of that, right? Well Supermachine Design Studio agrees and they put together a gorgeously energizing space for ad gurus Saatchi and Saatchi. The 4,300 square foot office space features plenty of visually interesting elements in the ceiling, on the walls and especially the conference room, where a bicycle based table takes center stage. There’s an entire zone devoted to creativity and collaboration, complete with a front…


Inclined Residences by Waldemarson Berglund

Stockholm-based studio Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter have designed the Are Solbringen Residences in Northern Sweden. These three timber residences are built to follow the steep slope of the landscape on which they sit, boasting a strikingly slanted effect.


Flower Tower – Vertical Planter

The new Flower Tower is a great vertical planter that save space a lot. Each cylindrical tube planter holds up to 30 plants and features a unique internal watering tube that allow you to easily water from the top and not miss a single plant. Perfect for balconies, patios and verandas, this portable growing system will give spectacular results. Incoming search terms: Flower Tower Planter , flower planter ideas , planter

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