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Coffee Table with light from the Nugget Hollow HUXHUX Design

HUXHUX Design – is a young design studio, with a growing workload. They explore a variety of minimalist furniture design trends, but try to combine art with minimalism and functionality. HUXHUX draws inspiration from the sculptures of Tony Smith and Donald Judd. Nugget Hollow has a table with lighting in the form of a cube with a small cut in the corners. Made of solid birch table, completely handmade. Interior furnishing in acid green, blue and bright orange colors.


Retro hand-made lamp

This is a very simple master class on making handmade lamp for your kitchen, for winter gatherings and simple little joy in every day. It’s so simple, that in addition to the required materials from virtually nothing you do not need, though, good humor does not hurt at all! So, for making such a wonderful lamp handmade, we need a few dozen wooden multicolored beads, yarn, metal rings in two sizes, scissors and a paper clip.


Original handmade hanger

Clothes hangers from Antonello Fuse (Antonello Fusè). It is the Italian master who just uses the back of the old chairs. Complementing the back of a metal hook and remove unnecessary parts, it turns hanger with an unusual creative design. Of course, all this produces Antonello not casual one such hanger costs from 10 to 15 Euro per unit, so that such a business can be quite lucrative!


The most unusual furniture covers

The last couple of years, world designers delight us with interesting solutions in the manufacture of furniture. One of the trendiest areas of industrial design is handmade. That is, more and more often we can see the extravagant knitted furniture that causes surprise and delight. Knitted furniture offers enormous scope for designers and expands the horizons of their many ideas. One of the most famous designer Daniel Hedner for the trading house Imaginaryoffice presented a collection of cross-linked residues of textiles and clothing.


A spacious apartment with a view of the gulf

Mariya and Maxim moved into a new building near the Gulf of Finland two years ago because of their second kid birth. The owners who always lived only on Vasilyevsky Island were attracted by a semicircular layout of the apartment, impressive metric area, and a view from the 12th floor. Half of windows face the gulf and the river Smolenka, the rest windows face Krestovsky Island and Petrogradskaya storona.


The Crochet Rug Makes

Cute and funny handmade rugs and pillows will provide you not only as a decoration, but in cold weather, on lace mats will be very warm to sit. The colors are bright, definitely positive! Incoming search terms: crochet rug , handmade ideas , handmade home decor ideas , handmade ideas for home

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