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Rounded table in the kitchen

Very comfortable kitchen. Here and all you need for cooking, and a work area and a dining table. The first on this theory breathed life into the Italian designers have long considered by lawmakers furniture fashion. By organizing the kitchen space in a circle and put it in the center of the hostess, the designers have significantly reduced the “running” of the woman in the kitchen. All you need – at your fingertips, moving from the surface of the cutting board or sink by turning the cage. And the use in the performance of steel and glass – the classic combination…


Elegant stool from designer from Taiwan

Yu-Fen Lo, a designer from Taiwan, has developed a stool Ru-Ju. Form stool resembles ancient coins made of jade, it is also warm and comfortable. Through a flexible bamboo stool legs are like tape, and if the seat floating in the air.


Convenient hanging table for small apartments

Balcony, even the smallest, can turn into a wonderful old cabinet or a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air due to the suspension multifunction table, created by German designer Michael Hilgers (Michael Hilgers). From this table you can put your feet up on the balcony and do their business, sometimes watching the hurrying passers-by or passing clouds.


Convertible bed from Private Red Nest

Foreign designers have come up have created a unique bed design that will help you not only relax, but also to retire from prying eyes – the way psychologists also recommend that you have your own private place, which is not available even to the people closest to you. The most important for privacy is something that we feel comfortable and able to enjoy our personal space – it’s a decision bed furniture Private Red Nest. Private Red Nest refers to the subjects of modular furniture that is suitable for small spaces.


Comfortable and Bright children’s chair Panton Junior

Panton Junior – is a bright child’s chair, fun twists and bright colors to win the love of your target audience. The mini version of the original Panton chair was designed by designer Verner Panton (Verner Panton) specifically for Vitra in 2008. It repeats the form of a full-length precursor made of the same material, and only 25 percent smaller in size. Panton Junior chair is available in six color variations and can be used not only for sitting, but also as a toy with which children do not want to leave


Kitchen interiors in the English style

Comfortable and cozy kitchen in the English style in your home will be the most desirable place. English-style design of the kitchen with natural materials – glass, wood, textile flax and cotton. The distinctive layout features English cuisine. In English cuisine are most commonly used separation zones. Common use of the island as a center of the kitchen is the main working area – sink, range hood, a cutting table, and hob.


Children’s table for creativity

The Guidecraft company has developed a functional and versatile table for children. A table laid out in detail, it has everything for a comfortable pastime child, from the fact that there are no sharp corner and ending with a different holder pencil, paint and shelves separated into sections. Provided even the fact that the table can accommodate two children at once, and both will be comfortable.

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