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The idea of how old benches to make a new

Do you value your old stuff? Or throw them in the trash? These things can be helpful. Not in the sense of the old stuff that is already fray in parts, namely the things our grandmothers. Which can still be given a second chance, a little altered, transformed by our modern pace of life, our interior.


Stone benches for the garden.

The main feature of the garden benches made ​​of stone – it’s durability. As a rule, they are made of coarse-grained granite, colored or white marble, quartzite. Benches made of rough stone set in the gardens of a landscape direction. In the gardens of the systematic style benches are made of smooth, treated stone. But, because of the high cost of the material, such benches are set infrequently.


Hinged furniture

Position of a table and seats by default – Unfolded, in the position they are quite interesting. Only when you urgently need, for instance, a house full of guests – and a table and benches to climb the wall, giving you more space. The perfect solution for small-sized kitchen and beyond.


Garden benches

Bench – one of the most interesting decorative element that allows you to emphasize the landscape zones. Benches can be routed around the track, planting trees, shrubs, flower beds broken, and you can put it in the most unexpected places. Incoming search terms: garden benches , garden bench

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