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Bathroom design in gentle tones

Beautiful and spacious bedroom is interesting is the fact that it has two windows, it has a zonal division with arches, and it has access to the bathroom. Also in the room is equipped with a place to work. Many beautiful decorative elements show us the beauty of the interior, and perfect color combinations and scales and speak about harmony in the design of this room. Bright maroon blankets stress conditions in the room, because it lead quiet pastel tones. Bright red armchair for reading, which stands at the window particularly in soft colors. In this case, upholstery chairs are…


Open kitchen shelves

Why hide the beauty in closed cabinets? Obtain open kitchen shelves and put on display his collection of wines, figurines and vintage enamel ware. Do not associate the open kitchen shelves with the disorder and cluttered spaces: a properly fitted exhibits only decorate the interior of the kitchen. Open kitchen shelves particularly suitable for the design of kitchens in the country-style French cuisine and vintage retro cafe 50′s and 60′s.


Home in Australia

Offer your assessment of the project “The Brighton Escape” by Ezra Georgia (Georgia Ezra) of the Australian studio GABBE In the area of the living room floor as if traded places with the ceiling, trapped white swirl stairs. Everything in this house work to promote relaxation.


The beauty and comfort in your home

This apartment has got into the hands of its current owners, and then the decorator is not in the best shape. There was only one little room zoned. But applying a very small effort, and 40 meters of living space you can surround yourself with beauty and comfort.


Amazingly beautiful illuminated sculpture

Living in the French Brittany designer Valerie Boy creates unique in its beauty and originality of art objects. Garlands of flowers, butterflies and petals – all expertly carved by hand on a thin metal plate, topped with powder coating. LED LED illuminated from within her creations give birth to a unique play of light and shadows, and the ability to turn any dull dark corner of this beauty.


Bench and stool “Zieharsofika” from Harde Meike

Created by German designer Harde Meike – Zieharsofika is a set of benches and stools. According to the designer: “beauty-controlled draperies benches and stools visually translate them into a large dimension. Vypusklye circles, like a “wrinkle” in the upholstery hidden complicate construction. The fabric should play against their rules, but also to be tight as the skin without wrinkles. «Zieharsofika» does bulge like a “wrinkle” in the product of one of its most important features. Padding is performed using conventional foam pads, which, with a rubber band, serve as an ornamental species. In a small area is a rectangular foam,…

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