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The beauty and comfort in your home

This apartment has got into the hands of its current owners, and then the decorator is not in the best shape. There was only one little room zoned. But applying a very small effort, and 40 meters of living space you can surround yourself with beauty and comfort.

1. Flooring for such a small space is best to use solid, neutral color.

2. Color – the easiest and most affordable way to zoning. The easiest way to choose the most active tone and use it in different proportions, the whole area of ​​the apartment. In this case, the brightest – dining area, the wall is painted in fuchsia. She’s in the kitchen echoed carpet, textiles, and some of the details in the bathroom and bedroom.

3. Partitions – another easy and little expensive way is often used in small spaces alteration. Here the kitchen separated from the dining area, sliding transparent partition. She copes with its task, and the main thing – almost no space. In the same way split bedroom and living room.

4. Glass, as well as any other transparent design and interior light and easy to miss, while performing their duties, it is not overload interior. In this room apart walls, chairs and a set of glass vases are presented in the form of the doors of the bookcase in the living area, so that it is sufficient for such a massive small apartment design looks completely weightless.

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