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Apartment Natalie Portman in New York

The apartment has 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, dressing room and two bathrooms. Moreover, almost all the exterior walls flat glass, which makes it look like a huge aquarium. Apartment rate is estimated at 6.5 million dollars. In Manhattan, at 165 Charles Street is a fashionable residential complex consisting of three glass towers. This luxury complex designed by the famous architect Richard Meier, and is home to New York City apartments star actress Natalie Portman.


Modern Glass Bathubs

Maybe you’ve seen some of the collections of glass and / or transparent bathrooms on other blogs, and even though some of these baths can be in this list, it also has some new and more modern designs, you can rassmatret new variants transparent baths. Practical, comfortable and unusual.


Bathrooms Wood

It’s a wonderful parade bathrooms inspired diverse traditions of different countries, shows how to find the pieces of inspiration in these luxury bathroom sets around the world. These interiors are not intended to give an idea of typical homes or bathrooms in a particular country, but in order to take a pinch of flavor from each culture, mix it with a good dose of flavor and the sea of fantasy. Typical “Tuscan” turn in the interior emphasizes the old wooden beams, painting a dark spot on the background of gentle ocher shade rest of the room.

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