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How to organize a small room?

This visualization of the interior is the result of the work of Polish design firm Pressenter. The designers were challenged decor forty square meters, and is -430 square feet to the space was used by her mother and her six year old daughter. Certainly, the development of the project takes into account the fact that there lives a child whose needs are constantly increasing, for example, at the beginning of the school period. At the time, the designers had to forget about his mother, which necessarily would require a place for rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work.

Because of the modest size, the study area was centered along one wall of the living room and a closet where you can store books and all sorts of things. Extra long table was set here in order to allow family members to use the workstation at any time.

Media office did not infringe on a small apartment space, and a small coffee table that looks very solid and rich, due to the different shades of wood, fits perfectly into the center of the room.

The kitchen is continued the story with light and dark wood in some parts of the tops. Small dining table helps to ensure that the living room space will be freed from the time of the adoption of food there.

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