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We sew a cushion themselves

If you were a lot of buttons. In no case do not throw away! They can certainly be needed. And not only in clothing but also in the decoration of the interior.

We will need:
Tissue (cut 2 50 * 50 cm).
Interlining, lining fabric (cut 2 50 * 50 cm).
Buttons of different diameters (one shade desired, but not required, but only the flat).
A sewing machine, scissors, thread, needle.
First – this is a pre on paper measuring 50 * 50 cm, which clearly outlined the boundaries pre-position the buttons as they are sewn on the pillow. So to say the preparatory layout.

Sew buttons to the fabric

This is how the buttons are sewn.

Sew fleece, lining. The second side of the same, only without buttons.

Sew the two sides together, the seams inside.

Mark the location of the future location of the buttons. Insert them.

All – cushion, decorated with buttons ready!

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