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Advantages of Using Glass Wall Panels in the Kitchens

Glass wall panels divide into two kinds. They are the panels with the photographic image or ‘skinali’ and the panels painted in one tone, differently called ‘lacobel’.
The particular case of using glass wall panels are glass aprons which are popular today for kitchens. The kitchen apron is the part of a wall over a working surface in the kitchen. Splashes of water, oil, soot appears on the apron during cooking, therefore it should not only look good, but also be functional and easy to wash.
Glassna company is specialized on the production of glass panels. According to the Glassna company workers’ opinion, glass aprons for kitchen are the great finding for housewives because of their high operational and decorative properties. They are really indispensable for every kitchen and there are some facts to prove it below.
Glass wall panels and aprons for kitchen can be mounted by means of self-tapping screws or the special glue which doesn’t damage the put layer. Panels can have various geometrical forms, can consist both of one panel and of several parts. Technological cuts are carried out in the location of sockets on the kitchen apron. The skilled designer will help the client to choose image and configuration.

1 . Modern technologies of a photo printing (the UF press or UF paints press) allow to
imprint any photo you like on the glass panel. It may be a personal photo (for example, a photo you made while traveling ) or a catalog or photobank photo from the Internet. You may choose any photo you like for your kitchen.

2 . Clients often choose bright tropical landscapes, a photo of night megalopolises (for example, New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo), bright fruit collages, stylish vintage series, easy abstract patterns for glass kitchen aprons. It is possible to select any image you like to supplement design of the kitchen perfectly.

3 . In terms of a practicality the choice of glass panels for using in the kitchen is quite justified. It of course wins in comparison with other materials. Glass panels are very easy to clean – thanks to absolutely smooth surface, the panel can be washed with any chemical detergents, without being afraid to damage it.

4 . They are durable and simple in service, have modern appearance.

5 . The apron with a photo printing allows to give identity to your kitchen or a dining room, creates a certain emotional atmosphere, mood, causes pleasant emotions. Create the unique style of the kitchen and your guests will admire your kitchen design.

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