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Orange in the interior

Designers say: “Do you want to get attention, not to make a sound? Dressed in all orange – is eye-catching. “What about the interior? Is there a danger in the use of color, who habitually on overalls municipal workers?

Distance – close

Volume – increases, playing

Weight – easy

Gamma – warm

Temperature – warm

Grace or brightness – blinding

Movement – a dynamic, flexible

Additional colors – blue

The first impression – the intoxicating

The psychological impact – passionate, exhilarating, causes a feeling of warmth, excitement, creates a sense of lightness, joy and prosperity. In contrast to the red, does not cause anxiety. Stimulates the brain, emotions, appetite and stimulates conversation.

Amateur – cheerful people, enthusiasts, teens

Suitable rooms – kitchen, dining room with windows on the north, dark rooms, children (from 7 years), offices

Unsuitable rooms – rooms for rest and relaxation, romantic bedroom

Styles – country, ethnic, minimalist style of the 60′s

Orange – the color of the spectrum, which is between the red and yellow and is formed by mixing them. Some of the characteristics he inherited from the “parent”, though not all. For example, it is not as aggressive as red, because he got the yellow sun friendliness.

The main feature of an orange, which, remember, using it in the interior – energy. No wonder nutritionists for better remember generalize: especially high in vitamins – in orange fruits and vegetables. And from oranges and orange walls of the effect for the body to be in something similar.

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