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Ideas of Country Conservatories

Go for a classic conservatory
In a country setting, the archetypal conservatory is ideal, with low brick walls, a pitched roof and centrally placed gable with double doors. It will look equally good adjoining a building, or making a statement as a freestanding garden room.

Choose an elegant lean-to
For sheer elegance and simplicity, the lean-to conservatory wins hands down. Its single-pitched roof is ideal for a limited space such as a terraced house or to fill the side return at the back of many Victorian houses.

Add a glazed link conservatory
A link conservatory design is ideal for joining the main house to an outbuilding and providing extra living space. The roof of this one is closely matched in height and pitch to the original building, and features break-front gables.

Create a grand design
Thanks to improvements in building techniques and energy efficiency, the latest conservatories can feature wide expanses of glass in double height and mezzanine structures. Here glazed ‘walls’ and roof highlight the magnificent trees.

Opt for an orangery
Orangeries have a more substantial look than conservatories, with brick walls and tall, elegant windows. This beautifully proportioned one has five sets of arched double doors and a large lantern roof to flood the space with light.

Open up the space
An open-plan conservatory design allows for a seamless join between kitchen and dining space, bringing in plenty of light. Here the flat section of the roof reduces glare over the dining table.

Be inventive with shapes
Conservatories offer flexibility in design to make the most of your space and garden views. As well as straightforward rectangles, consider P-shaped and L-shaped conservatory designs.

Frame a lovely view
Open up stunning views on to the landscape beyond. This orangery, with its large rooflight and folding sliding doors flanked by pilasters and windows, sums up the best of traditional joinery and modern techniques.

Maximise the light
Enjoy a whole wall of light by fitting folding sliding doors. This bespoke orangery includes a five-panel folding door system, and is lit from above by a rooflight.

Match your home
A bespoke conservatory can be tailored to echo the roof line and gables, window shapes or architectural detail of your home. This one, in sustainable timber, has been painted in a lichen shade sympathetic to a country setting.

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