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Collection of brightly glowing wallpaper

Mary and Catherine Yashchuk (Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk) – British designers studio MEYSTYLE, are the authors of a fundamentally new technology design wallpaper – LED Wallpaper (from the English. Lightning integrated with wallpaper – light integrated in the wallpaper). Designers presented their new collection of luminous wallpaper Nina at the London exhibition 100% Design, which, they said, was inspired by a manual technique of lace. In a lacy pattern of the wallpaper canvas integrated LEDs, the crystals Swarovski, gold plating. Glowing wallpaper is printed on non-woven and paper, attached to the walls of traditional.


Bright room for children

Stickers for walls – this is the easiest and fastest way to change the interior design. And if other designs require significant time and cost, this method updates available to almost everyone. Typically, the wall stickers are made of vinyl. They are easy to put on the wall and taking care of them is easy. But for the decoration of children’s rooms, for safety reasons, it is better to use fabric labels. They can also be glued to the wall, remove and re-stick. The advantage of stickers on the wall of the fabric before vinyl in their environmental friendliness. They…


The beautiful dining rooms in French style

French style – it’s not expensive furnishings “with gold-plated mixers” and noble materials and things with history, where each item features a unique individuality and uniqueness. Dining rooms in the French country style – this is the charm of the informal environment. Easy style bedding inherent tone. Beige and white walls blend perfectly with wooden or wrought iron furniture. Soft pillows made ​​of linen, it is important to adorn the seats of chairs complement the design of the dining room, creating comfort. Bright spots and creative dishes quite perfectly with this style, adding some color to the world of interior…


Brighter does not happen!

Wallpaper – this is one of the most popular options for the walls, which will make the interior of your room just awesome. Do you want to make room in a nautical theme? You do not need to go to sea, collect seashells and stars pounds and paste over them your room. Enough to buy a bright wallpaper and “enjoy” the sea breeze into your home. Especially for this chic wallpaper and furniture was chosen: brown sofa with pillows and a vase with a green chandelier. Interior immediately began to look very harmonious. Bright multi-colored wallpaper in the dining room…


Design chairs

There are many ways that will refresh the interior of a room or office. For example, you can pokleit wallpaper or update all the furniture. But, if you are not ready for such a radical and lasting transformation in time, it can be dispensed with, for example, the purchase of designer chairs, which will give you not only a stylish appearance, but also a great practicality.

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