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Mosaic house

Most of us are inclined to throw away the lid of the plastic bottles in the trash, but the Russian pensioner Olga Kostina found a way to use these things everyday creative and aesthetically pleasing way. For several years she collected the colorful plastic covers until she decided that their was enough to finish her art project. Then she nailed 30,000 caps to create the appearance of a mosaic design on the front of her house.


Cottage in vintage style

This vintage cottage beckons a sense of space and simplicity. Furniture and furnishings in the style of Provence returned to the sweet village during childhood.


In season: autumn foliage

It may have been a rainy spring and summer, but that is the nature, there is a wonderful and glorious end in a stunning bright colors of autumn leaves, which seems to cover countries and cities. Look at the trees in the city and the village, as their leaves turn, the first yellow-green and pale gold, to orange and terracotta, and then, perhaps, raspberry and violet. Wild cherry, field maple and silver birch … their branches seem to burn with gold and rubies in the low light conditions of autumn. Autumn wonderful time, and your garden is the most beautiful…

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