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The old furniture in the garden

In spring and summer, many gardeners like to make furniture in the garden and arrange gatherings there. However, to carry out garden decor with their own hands and make it even more comfortable, you can use the old furniture that will stand there all the time. Most often, this furniture is used for flowers. As a “framework” can serve as a broken-down piano, a rusty bed, nightstand old, dilapidated chair, etc. Suffice it to paint these things in a bright color to make them a flower bed and planted flowers there. No special efforts by the decoration of furniture for…


Top 5 Summer Houses for Your Garden!

If you are thinking about doing something more with your garden, a summer house is an excellent choice that provides both versatility and lots of potential. Garden summer houses offer a place to relax or even have a meal, and a space from which to enjoy your garden and make the most of fine weather – they also make great playhouses for children. Here are five top wooden summer houses, perfect for all kinds of gardens and outdoor areas. 7’ x 7’ Oxford Summer House Bright and roomy, and with the added bonus of a small veranda, the Oxford Summer…


Turquoise color in the interior

A couple of simple tips on how to update your decor in the house for the summer. It does not matter of if your favorite color is mint green or blue – you can use it to break the boredom of your home. You can go big and paint the walls, or just bring in a piece of furniture in this color or buy accessories, paintings, pillows, flowers, whatever. Even easier and less expensive way to add some accessories in this color – vases, lamps, pillows, or other piece of cloth.


Summer Home

We are tired of winter, like heat and bright colors? This post is for those who are so ready soltse, summer, and flowers. Flowers, perhaps, will be the primary source for inspiration and maintain the necessary air as long as possible.

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