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Modern and beautiful bathrooms

Thinking through design beautiful bathroom, you first need to decide on the style. If you practice enough conservative views, choose a classic style. Young, energetic people who are not afraid of experiments, it is possible to choose a more daring style of the interior, such as high-tech. If you like the quiet shades and want to create an atmosphere of total relaxation, choose a romantic style. Whatever style of interior you choose, in any case, bathroom, decorated in the same style, would look nice. The vast majority of the tile-tile is available in stores in the free market, so that inspired…


Exquisite furniture in the style of Art Deco

With the advent of machines, rounded organic forms of Art Nouveau have collapsed under the pressure of clean, straight lines, ordered forms of the Art Deco style. Deco has its roots in the early twentieth century, but really his heyday came after World War II, advanced manufacturing technology has made it affordable for the masses. The new style of interior design Art Deco paid tribute in favor of clean lines and sharp colors of modern industrial design, casting plastic and bright colors of the Art Nouveau style. Deco was an eclectic interior, which has incorporated the industrialism promyshdennosti equipment charm…


Hipstersky loft of B&B Italia

It looks as if the artist crazy just escaped from the building in a creative frenzy! This cool loft of B & BItalia filled with colorful and eccentric fantasy style.

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