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Amazing Chest from Joel Escalona

Mexican designer Joel Escalona (Joel Escalona) created a dresser called Booleanos, which translated from Spanish means “logical.” The project design was inspired by the concepts of creation and destruction, and to bring to life with the help of interior materials of different colors. The project was commissioned by the brand Masisa and GlocalDesignMagazine to open the Mexican Design Week 2012, and was presented at the exhibition “Hecho en México” («Made in Mexico”).


CHRISMY – Alternative Christmas Tree in Spanish

Each year, the green movement, promoting the conservation of nature, urging people not to install in the homes of the living tree, a life which, instead of possible future decades will break through the merry month of the winter holidays. Spanish architect Teresa Sapey has developed a creative interpretation of the Christmas tree CHRISMY, producer of which became the Spanish company VONDOM.


Table «Supernova»

Bano designers Manuel Galvan and David have created a collection of tables «Supernova» commissioned by Spanish design studio «LaSelva». Table «Supernova» is made so that under the sink is attached a piece of elastic material, which performs the function of a hammock. Elastic hammock is a place where you can store newspapers and magazines, which will be put through a hole in the surface of the countertop. Collection «Supernova» consists of a table and an auxiliary table, both of these items are made of wood, varnished, and have steel legs.


Expresion Transversal by Susanna Cots

Spanish interior designer Susanna Children developed interior of the apartment, located in Barcelona, Spain, for a couple of book lovers. Beautiful, bright and cozy home.

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