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Shelves Corniche

Designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have designed the Corniche shelves exclusively for Vitra. They illustrate the idea of ​​a makeshift warehouse. In small rooms often need to store those spontaneous or other things. And shelves Corniche help solve this problem, a separate projections, which can be arranged in any order. Thus the objects of daily use will always be on hand, and the room in good order.


Interior design for teen

It’s no secret that most of the apartments of the old housing stock – are very small. This and the problems that arise in every second home-owners – how to equip a small room, what furniture to use as compact as the bring not have wasted a single square decimeter square! See the photo collection of small rooms below – in them, maybe you will find something useful to help you decide on resettlement small room in an apartment.


Small ideas for small rooms

Each idea should be creative and be sure to consider its application to your life. But be sure to remember that the planning design small bedroom can not forget about ergonomics. This means that during the planning necessary to consider how it will be convenient to use everything that you have in mind. After all, the main purpose of creating a new interior, a small bedroom, is to ensure their own well in the interior.


Fold-Out Convertible Desk

Limited to place, but you need to allocate office space in your home? Great folding table convertible, which closes at 6 “deep cabinet, it is good for small rooms, this home office is very well suited to any small space. It keeps your stationery and folders.


Modular Slot Sofa – Good Idea for Small Spaces

Usually a sofa is just a sofa and nothing more, but Slot is not a simple sofa. Is a dynamic piece of furniture. The sofa system finds new value and diverse functionality by blending the sofa, coffee table, and ottoman. It utilizes the common constructional gaps found between the cushions of the sofa by converting them into tracks for which the table can slide in and out. When slotted, the table acts as a console. When freed, it acts as a coffee table. The magnetically retained sofa cushions always find and keep their optimal position either atop the table for…


Decorating Ideas for Small Hallways

Decorate with wall stencils Have extra space under your staircase? Make the most of it with a pretty wall stencil. Turn it into a reading corner by adding a transparent chair and lights for the perfect cosy space. Incoming search terms: decorating hallways , hallway decor , hallways , Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas


Small Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathroom storage This small bathroom makes the most of space with clever storage hung on the walls. A wire rack holds towels and toiletries, a gilded, wooden wall-mounted stand stores bathtime essentials, and a wicker storage basket is perfect for face cloths and soap. Incoming search terms: small bathroom ideas , bathrooms ideas , traditional bathroom ideas , bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

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