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Furniture origami

What a pleasure to sit with friends over a round table, but in small flats and rooms to keep such a table is simply nowhere. Here we have the support of the designer Nils Frederking with the idea of ​​a folding table – origami. By this table and chair also provides origami. When removed from the lock folding table is set and lightly turns into a full-fledged big round table. In the folded state as a table is just 8 inches. In the same way are collected and chairs origami, their compact design allows you to store 22 of these…


Tabletop lamp orig

Hamburg design studio named Mirko Kirsch (“Mirco Kirsch”) has created a table lamp compliance in Japanese origami. Customer project was the company «Belt + Sund». The lamp is made from a single sheet of metal that formed into the desired shape by hand – as befits an ancient skill of origami. Lamp holder is also included in the kit, the finished product should only add up. Origami Table Lamp is available in various colors.

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