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Chic chocolate brown sofa

«Hocky» – is a series of multifunctional furniture designed by Polish designer studio «Merely» – MarcinWielgosz. The furniture set consists of modular segments, which can be varied: to combine into a comfortable sofa or use each separately and individually. Also «Hocky» universal in that it has armrests that converts into a table. Here’s the description from the designer: «Hocky» – is an economical project, especially in terms of form, its main purpose is to provide high functionality and comfort of use.


Multifunctional furniture

Area of ​​the apartment is not always converge with our tastes. To zoom it (at least visually), we resort to zoning, we select the appropriate (increasing, expanding space) tone colors when you make walls and ceilings. In addition you can achieve the desired using multifunctional furniture – furniture – transformer. We know this furniture. Table – Transformers: and guests can take, and folded – put a little corner and hide under a window sill. Sofa – bed: and sleep you can, and sit. Currently available in various designs: sofa bed, sofa-book, fold-out accordion. And the arms of the sofa can…


Multifunctional Sofas

Sofa that holds you in his arms, while you are watching your favorite movie. Yes, your dreams have come true with a unique model of realized Italian furniture brand Campeggi: sofa called Sosia! From sofa and armchairs to L-form of a conversation nook, face to face, sitting area, sofa and even a private enclosed space that can be used as a dressing room … sofa more than the total piece of furniture. This sofa has become a favorite for all, and one of the most popular items from the house! Created by Milan designer Emanuele Magini this sofa can set…

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