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Chandelier lays aside the interesting shadow

Forms in Nature – a unique ceiling lamp, created by designer duo from the studio Hilden & Diaz. When the lights in the dark chandelier makes this magical room in fairy forest. The concept of the chandelier is a form of branching tree and its root system, creating shadows that lie directly on the surface of all the rooms.


Wall decor wallpaper

In the West, rarely use wallpaper on the entire surface of the walls. Therefore, their ideas can be used as follows: for large planes to choose monochrome (or grayscale) wallpaper with fine texture, and on the most important areas to make insertion of contrast or bright pattern (flowers, ornament, stripes). This move once you are striving for 2 purposes: First, beautiful aktsentiruete of the wall – the background for a beautiful object (fireplace, paintings, mirrors, chest of drawers) and, second, do not go over budget (because you can use a single roll of wallpaper or floor-roll). Also, in this way…

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