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Ideas for Vintage Bedrooms

Vintage-style bedroom
Creating a vintage look in your bedroom doesn’t have to cost the earth. Soft colours, delicate patterns and textured fabrics bring instant vintage style to a bedroom.

Stencil a wall panel
Use a wall stencil to create a focal point in your bedroom where jewellery can be hung. Pretty white, gold and brass hooks, all with a common floral theme but in different styles, will add an antique feel.

Make your own headboard
Don’t go with convention when it comes to your headboard – instead, create the illusion of one using card.
To do so, take a length of card and fold it in half to make it double thickness. Sketch half the headboard shape — from edge to centre — so that the middle point is at the fold. Cut it out and unfold to reveal a whole, symmetrical headboard shape. Use this as a template to cut a shape out of a length of wallpaper. Coat the back of the paper shape with spray adhesive and smooth onto the wall behind the bed.

Hang a lace curtain
Hang a single lace panel at the window to diffuse light and provide privacy. The delicate nature of the material will reflect the look of the rest of the room, particularly if you source the fabric from a vintage market or charity shop. For black-out, fit a plain white or neutral roller blind behind it.

Add ornate storage
Make a decorative French-style console table the star of a vintage bedroom with a lick of paint. Look for an old mahogany one in junk shops, then paint it white or pale grey and change the handles for a feminine touch. Add glamour with mirrored storage boxes and frames with a floral motif.

Paint your floorboards
Paint floorboards white for a quick, inexpensive start to a shabby chic decorating scheme. Don’t worry about scuffs, as this will only add to the worn, vintage feel. Complete the look with a faded rug in a traditional pattern and soft, neutral tone.

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