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Mirrored fireplace in the interior

The Italian brand has introduced a new wall Ozzio Bio Bio Fireplace  OVO (it. – “egg“). The name refers to the oval shape of the mirror panels, framing the firebox.


Solar mirror interior

Set the tone for any room, you can use the mirror in the shape of the sun. This is a great way to add living space for something sunny, bright and cheerful, and transmits Today, one can find a huge amount of variation in the shape of the mirror of the sun, but it still serves as a constant symbol of the traditional interior. If you are a supporter of the classics, shop solntselikomu mirror closely, it can be a highlight of your interior.


The Future of Audio Visual Bathrooms

It’s always interesting to consider what the future might bring in terms of design, in particular when the design relates to technology within the home. What’s even more interesting is looking at what the future might hold in regards to technology within the bathroom. Televisions within the bathroom are becoming more common but what more can we expect to see? Let’s explore the future of audio visual bathrooms.


The bathroom in the open

Real paradise: with the stars, pebble floors, a waterfall, a sink, more like a boulder, and a bath in the form of a nut shell.


Home in New York

Soft, almost like a cozy retreat fit the description for the Chelsea-based Pied Terre, developed by designer Michael Rubin Architects.The interior few Beachy with a complex sense of the city attracts. Light blue is sitting in conjunction with brick-red and light neutral to keep things interesting, but not boring. Lots of space equipped in the mirror, while the most important elements (for example, closeting) are built-in standards.

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