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Table-bed – the best solution for a small apartment

The wall bed has long been a great way to increase the free space in small apartments and rooms. But the decision that we want to offer you, so outside the box, in spite of all its apparent simplicity, it is necessary to talk about it separately. And it will be about how the situation in one piece to combine a bed and a desk.


Beautiful Garden paths

When on the street and in the soul of settled spring, it’s time to arrange or to tidy garden area, tarnished after a long winter. The main element in the planning of landscape design area are garden paths and walkways around the house that have not only a practical function, but also aesthetic. Garden paths perfectly complement the design of the garden, help to simplify the care for plants and decorative elements that make movement around the garden site more convenient to form an entire road network of land and buildings elements of the garden.


Lampshade with their hands

Want to make a lampshade to the country, say – is difficult, nothing like that – it is easy! The material that will be required – is in any hardware store. A need, a set of lights, it is sold in the department of light in the garden department buy a vase for flowers and linen twine, and where are selling hardware for doors and locks, pick up just such a work piece with a hole in the middle.


Furniture from British designers

Designers from the company Cate & Nelson made ​​a collection Netframe, consisting of a chair and sofy. The main function of designers – to consume a small amount of material, but maintaining a good level of comfort. In the end, we got a metal frame covered with durable fabric, and on which lay a soft pillow. The design is simple but excellent, durable and will fit well in any home or office interior.


Wood Slice Walkway

This beautiful wooden cutting path was photographed Kathy Elliott during a trip to the flower show in Portland. Assuming you have some wood rot, it would be a great use of old or found material.


Cork Stool One Flip Away From Becoming A Table

Designer Kenyon Yeh takes office button and cork board and connects them in a creative and functional furniture solution called simply tack. Made entirely of cork, pushpin is the result of fruitful cooperation with Taiwanese brand COOIMA. This is an unusual display of material that we are often faced calls us to explore it in a new way, with regard to its stability, strength of character and decorative features. This is a bold statement embodies easily find a contact form 38cm wide and 47cm in measuring. The Pushpin by from Kenyon Yeh is a flip turn-table with a stool, so…

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