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Desk with lamp by designer Axor WaterDream

The Japanese design studio Nendo has created a unique hybrid lens designed a system that combines a shower fixture. The design was designed by Oki Sato (Oki Sato). The project was named Axor WaterDream. Incoming search terms: axor


Comfortable seat and cocoon of Kumeko

Of course this could only come up with the Japanese (at a design studio based in Prague). Snug – the name of this ottoman, consists of a soft interior cushion surrounded sleeve which creates a cozy shell enveloping the user. Strap sewn into the top of the sleeve allows you to adjust the width to support your body in a variety of convenient locations. If the people around you really got, you can fully tighten the upper exit, lie on your side and cry.


Japanese villa

Villa SSK if materialized from a parallel reality refuge Darth Vader, did not fit into the traditional business houses neighboring buildings. The interior is quite traditional – a spacious living room, dining room, guest room and bath with views of the ocean. Broad terrace in front of the house was originally conceived as a play area for the dogs, but now more often used hosts for parties.


Creative wall ceramics “Dent Cube”

The inventors of the Japanese company INAX come up with some great options for wall tiles. Ceramics “Dent cube» (Dent Cube), first presented at Cersaie in Bologna in 2011, is a three-dimensional granite shell, which can be used to create self-sufficient artistic walls. This design is interesting, because it mixes a variations of geometric shapes and colors that can decorate the original space, both outdoors and indoors. The cells in the tiles may be filled with glass of different colors, wood or other materials. The pattern on the wall sets a rhythm the entire space as a whole.


The Japanese garden in the Mediterranean

Looks very unusual Japanese garden in the Mediterranean. This combination has become possible only because of resourcefulness landscape designer. This two styles – Mediterranean and Japanese, are organically combined in the plot. The geometry of the lines very well fit into the natural surroundings proportions Japanese garden. Designer turned reddish color schemes that match the colors of the house. Japanese vegetation is doing well in this area, because the climate here is perfect for her. Japanese maple, pine, barberries are at home. Three of the reservoir, in addition to the pool were fitted on the site: a cascading waterfall, stream…

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