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A beautiful crystal chandeliers from Italy collection «Queen»

The micron Italian company has come up with these unique light fixtures for the home. The collection is not for nothing called the king, she is really beautiful like a king. This collection can be called the “mother of elegance.” Sophisticated design lamps consist of silver chrome and crystal in hot shades of purple, red, yellow and black – it’s so dramatic!


Bed with a magic color effect sun rays

The given bed has been designed by the Italian company Lagostudio. The original system of boards forms the base for the mattress, opening up the rays of light in a central support, such as solar. A way of supporting the mattress is a very innovative and unconventional, with decidedly smart and practical. Due to its structure, the bed creates a brilliant lighting effect.


Mobile kitchen Skitsch

Italian company created Skitsch interesting product – mobile and collapsible mini-kitchen designer Elie Mangin. The kitchen is suitable for both home and for the open veranda, and for your house, and consists of a wooden table, gas stove burners and two sinks. Under the cover countertops have boxes of knives and forks. The whole structure is mounted on the eight bolts. Materials – stainless steel and ash. It is convenient and simple, and looks very nice.


Italian furniture Clever

Clever Italian company released a series of sets of furniture for children’s and teen rooms equipped with work stations, which can be modeled and adjusted according to your need. A wide variety of tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards and cabinets are very functional and still look great – your young genius will be glad to learn in such an atmosphere. Modular table with sliding shelves and tables attached modern chic interior design and very easy to use. Boxes on wheels can be moved to make room for more active pursuits and deserved lunch breaks. Flashy, vibrant colors make the space a…

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