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Pirates Bay House – Wooden House Australian architects

Single dwelling house L-shaped Pirates Bay House – another fine example of elegant wood use by Australian architects. Specialists from the architectural studio O’Connor and Houle Architecture built magnificent residence on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne (Australia). Owners cozy creative home – architects twin brothers who value measured way of life in harmony with nature. Creating the environment for themselves, future home owners have provided such vital functions as the play of light coming through the windows and doors, the sense of materials and textures, the breeze and the flow of air throughout the building, and of course, the…


Tumbleweed Tiny House: EPU Residence

Small houses have become verySmall houses have become very popular in recent years, as some are looking for ways to Declutter your life and get rid of unnecessary wealth they have become familiar to people. Tumbleweed is definitely one of the most popular companies tiny house, and EPU residence is one of the best. House received media attention, including appearances on Oprah. Measures house 15 feet long and 8 feet wide, and includes a 7.5 ft x 3 “foot porch, watching the scenery. Residence EPU also comes with a table, a fireplace, a kitchen, a wet, and even naverhu.EPU attic…


Harbour House in Sydney

The simple structure of the box, dressed in classic materials and stacked together, opens directly on the Gulf of Watson and a beautiful private jetty. Wonderful view of the water is oriented to the south, so the things of wood clad butterfly roof draws in natural sunlight from the north, allowing the building to maximize the views and light quality. The building area is generous and detailed placement of up to an incredible collection of art and a large family.


MP House by OmasC arquitectos

This is a modern house located in northern Spain, in 2012, the project Arquitectos OmasC. The windows of this luxury homes are oriented toward the north and south, to ensure smooth flow of natural light throughout the day.



Convenience and comfort should not exist only for humans. Nishant Jethi Designer provides visual and creative joy that a man can be transformed into a tool to help other beings. Life Typography is a set of wooden letters and numbers, bright alphabet, which doubles as a small birdhouses. Birdhouses made for the urban environment in which the embedding space will humble Sparrow and his family, the letters provide shelter cages. Funny, beautiful block letters bold statement and can be combined to present the name of the current resident family, house, or even a short, clear message. Not that that will…


Interior Workplace

If you are not afraid to “admit” the work of the house, it is to handle the arrangement of the workplace: a dedicated room or corner of the apartment. Fit jobs in their structures apartments – not an easy task, but solvable. Especially if it is a mobile workstation.

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