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Bright flower stands at home

Original stand for indoor gardens, are a self-sustaining system of vertical indoor planter, which can also serve as a room divider as a wall. Brooklyn designer Daniel TROPHIES invented this great regiment called «Live Screen» and presented in section SaloneSatellite at the Milan furniture fair (Milan Furniture Fair) in 2013. System of internal planter using technology hydroponic cultivation methods and make indoor gardening available in a limited space of urban housing, in addition, this invention provides a unique and functional piece of decor. The water supply system simplifies the process and makes the automatic production of plants and herbs in your…


Stylish Leaf hydroponic system

Agree always good to have fresh herbs and vegetables from their own garden, but it’s like a dream for many who live urban apartments. That is the reason why the concept of hydroponic gardening and living walls become so popular these days. Enter Leaf, modular and compact hydroponic system you can use to grow a variety of plants, vegetables. Design Hodge Mitchell leaves hydroponic system secures to your walls and use passive hydroponics feed moisture for plants. This is a great option for those who do not want to buy vegetables from pestsitsidami that were processed chemicals.

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