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A maisonette on Chokolovsky boulevard with Intelligent House

OWNERS Tatyana – “Cavio. Podol” furniture salon owner, Pavel – an individual entrepreneur Metric area 140 sq.m Number of rooms 3 Ceiling height 2.7 m Tatyana and Pavel moved into a three-room apartment on Chokolovsky boulevard two years ago. They were attracted by two floors and a floor-to-ceiling nook window with a panoramic view.


String chair Echoism

Echoism – unusual chair that combines a piece of furniture and musical instruments. This original idea occurred to the young Korean designer Jaeyoung Jang. The string Echoism chair is sure to become a favorite destination of all family members, except a piece of furniture that will surely delight all guests. This chair is especially willing like the musicians who stay behind will strum your favorite songs.


Office in the attic

For those who like to spend time in the country, but even there can not stop thinking about work, I will discuss how to arrange an office in a small country house. Typically, the only free space in the country house is a space under the arches of the roof. Disassemble the attic, getting rid of unused items, paint the walls in your favorite color, hang pictures or inspirational photos, put a comfortable desk chair and a table and enjoy the solitude and love.


Original boxes with their hands

Many of us have at home, these simple and convenient (and most importantly, cheap) boxes of our favorite store Ikea. Way to spice up the appearance of boxes, give them originality and individuality – is very simple: you need the old road maps, glue and a little patience. The first thing to unwrap the box and glued over it from all sides with pieces of geographic maps, for a change, you can use maps of different scales, for example, one of the boxes made ​​from maps of the city. Good use of the map, where do you have visited, then…


A Look Inside the Home of Artist Laurie Frick

Architectural firm designed this house for seven Laurie Frick, a renowned artist, who wanted the house to include office and art studio of 700 square feet, so she could work at home and still be comfortable. 1600 square foot one bedroom, two bathroom house sits on a lot of filling in Barton Heights, a suburb of Austin, Texas. One of her favorite parts of the house is a large entrance hall, when a man comes in, he certainly was surprised, because the hallway in front of him like a gallery and art Laurie. Incoming search terms: decorating ideas for hallways…

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