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Beautiful design country house in America

The owners bought an old little house, which stood on this spot, a few years ago, it was torn down and built a new house to come here for the weekend with family and friends. Construction was carried out over several years. Now the two-storey house of 450 square meters with five bedrooms, terracotta floors, pool, fireplace and a covered veranda for sale for five million dollars


Office in the attic

For those who like to spend time in the country, but even there can not stop thinking about work, I will discuss how to arrange an office in a small country house. Typically, the only free space in the country house is a space under the arches of the roof. Disassemble the attic, getting rid of unused items, paint the walls in your favorite color, hang pictures or inspirational photos, put a comfortable desk chair and a table and enjoy the solitude and love.

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