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Smart Storage Idea: Table and Chairs Fit on the Shelf

We love smart storage solutions, and this bookcase by Orla Reynolds definitely fits the bill. Many of us like to have table and chairs in the living room, but sometimes we find the problem that the room is so small between the sofa, coffee table and bookcase with TV cabinet almost does not fit all. Brightly coloured tables and chairs are hidden in plain sight between the shelves of this bookcase by graduate designer Orla Reynolds. They easily pull out from the bookcase when needed and the two purple tables can be placed together to form a larger dining table….


Folding Dining Table & Mirror Idea by Porada

This is a mirror and a table. A mirror unfolds into a modern contemporary folding dining table. The Folding Dining Table from Italian company Porada is a really interesting piece of furniture. This piece of furniture can be used as a mirror and hanged on the wall when folded, and it can also be used as a neat folding table especially when your dining space is limited. Incoming search terms: folding dining table , dining table


Design Idea – Butterfly Chair

Butterfly chair known as the BKF chair, it was originally designed back in 1938 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and remains an international icon. Check out some of these awesome spaces, outdoors and in, where the funky Butterfly completes the picture.


Idea of Geometrica Armchair

In 1978 shortly after the Proust armchair was produced it became recognized as an icon for twentieth century furniture design and quickly became one of the most renowned reference points in the search for form and aesthetic perfection. The chair was created by Studio Alchimia and features an ornately carved and hand painted wooden frame.


Indoor Benches by Nico Yektai

Bench #7 acknowledges that Bench #6 was hard to follow. I decided to use this an opportunity to change scale. Bench #7 is the first 10 foot long bench that I had designed. The combination of White Oak and Maple contribute to the sense of size with the maple legs defining the boundaries of this bench. The legs are massive expressions in stacked up and shifted maple. The stretchers are in on the action in this unique bench too. One of them actually pierces through the White Oak seat and sets off a bunch of details that are quite engaging….


Modern Benches Ideas by Nico Yektai

This series was born of a commission for a piece of functional art furniture. A hallway bench to be exact. The piece was the second bench that I had made and became the first in my ongoing numbered series of one-of-a-kind benches. Since then I have expanded my approach from thinking in terms of entry benches to thinking of benches for public spaces. As always, the beauty of handmade wooden furniture is that any moment in any bench can serve as the starting point for a commission. Commissions are great because they become a collaboration that results in the perfect…


Original Idea for Workspace Privacy

Original Idea of this desk designed by Bram Vanderbeke. Here is the press release we were sent: “A personal workspace creates a higher concentration at work, but reduces social contact. When these two principles are combined in a functional way, we create a workplace that allows people to work with concentration, but without losing contact with their surroundings. Woven is a desk, or rather an exceptional workplace. A desk that won its place in space, with a strong object value. But it is also a functional workspace that allows one to stay in touch with the environment. On the basis…

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