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Apartment on the Petrograd side

An apartment on Petrogradskaya Storona with a brickwork, a terracotta fireplace, and a loft bed.

Denis – a drummer of Saint Petersburg Ska Jazz Review group, DJ


A musician and a DJ Denis Kuptsov moved into a historical house on Petrogradskaya Storona in 2008. A purchased apartment represented a post-Soviet tenement with shabby wallpaper, dirty ceilings, holes in the floor, and 3 litre cans on all ceilings. The main part of the repair was finished within 9 months. Though, Denis was busy with rehearsals and tours almost all this time. To coordinate all works the owner hired a familiar foreman. And he had drawn him his vision of the apartment before.

Levelcrete of floors which is required in old dwelling stock houses before laying of the flooring took most of the time. Partitions between rooms and window frames of nonstandard size were demounted and replaced. Denis made mosaic from small pieces of tile on the floor by himself, and it reminds him of works of Gaudi, an architect, in style. A familiar artist Vyacheslav Mogilevski helped Denis with the design.

Fireplace restoration took one and a half month. Collecting of feathers is the owner’s hobby, he brings them from zoos of the whole world.

A familiar artist Vyacheslav Mogilevski helped Denis with the design. All brick in the corridor was cleaned and coated with mat lacquer so that a premise reminded of New York loft. Then Gyproc partitions were covered with pastel paint with irregular finish. The owner considers the antique masonry heater, which was covered with paint for houses in three layers, the pride of the apartment. A professional stone restorer Andrey Lvov reconstructed it. When a thick coat was removed it occurred that the heater was terracotta.

Mini-bar was made from an old iron medical cabinet painted with bright colours. Guests often stay overnight on a spacious leather sofa.

There is a quite long corridor in the apartment which is ended with a store room. The plate Russische Kolonie was presented to Denis by his friend from Germany, and vintage posters were found by the owner at jumble markets.

A large rack along the whole wall was made to order. Vinyl records, players, amplifiers, mixer board, and other musical equipment are stored in it. There are CD, cassettes, microphones, cartridges in many boxes. High ceilings enabled to make the room multilevel with a loft bed.

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