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Sustainable Design Of Sunshower Ssip

REOSE Sunshower SSIP House, beautiful house is collecting Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin, from Tulane University. This house was designed to deal with the bad weather and good energy efficiency.

This eco construction is at 222 Harrison Avenue, New Orleans. It was made to be built with simple and standard building materials that can fit in one container load. The house has been designed to provide easy installment in the disaster area that need addressing mass home immediately.

This building architecture uses SSIP panels EPS core and GALVALUME panels that snap together. It is designed to withstand winds up to 225 miles / hour, and earthquakes up to 8.6 magnitude. Some sustainable features are also available, such as 5 kW PV power as a sustainable energy source, rainwater collection system that can process 1,000 gallons of rainwater. solar thermal, geothermal, small wind turbines, and battery backup are also available for backup energy needs.

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