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Studio apartment on Pozniaki

OWNER Kseniya – an interpreter, editor, manager of cultural projects Metric area 34 sq.m Number of rooms 1 Floor 7 Ceiling height 2.7 m A single-room apartment on Hmyria street, which had belonged to Kseniya’s grandmother before, was rented out for several years. The dwelling needed capital repair when Kseniya decided to settle here three years ago. After finishing renovation the walls were lightened so that to widen the space visually. Part of the furniture fell from parents, the other part was made to order – the owners tried to use each centimeter functionally in conditions of a small metric…


House in the land

Beautiful house overlooking the Colorado River called Edgeland House. I must say that it is in some sense to give odds, for example, the famous Hotel Capital Hill, which was designed by Zaha Hadid commissioned by Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin for stunning Naomi Campbell. Although investments invested in this project is much more modest, but nonetheless, Edgeland – it is a beautiful and complicated reconstruction Pit-house, in which lived a long time Native Americans.


Mosaic house

Most of us are inclined to throw away the lid of the plastic bottles in the trash, but the Russian pensioner Olga Kostina found a way to use these things everyday creative and aesthetically pleasing way. For several years she collected the colorful plastic covers until she decided that their was enough to finish her art project. Then she nailed 30,000 caps to create the appearance of a mosaic design on the front of her house.

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