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Functional furniture from the company Vipp

A Famous company Vipp has created an interesting solution to the kitchen, this tune was presented as modern, practical and functional furniture that has already been successfully used in the kitchen. The main advantage of these forges it is entirely constructed of stainless steel. Harmonious design and laconic lines gained recognition cuisine is presented in the classic colors: Black and white and gray version, it seems nice and simple.


Beautiful kitchens combined with a spacious drawing room

A large and spacious kitchen combined with living-room, can accommodate in any for you corner. Here you can organize a small event, or to arrange with friends the day of preparation of pizza. It is very convenient, that in the kitchen there is a bar rack, which can put a fruit, or entertaining, or simply sit down to read a book. Itself kitchen decor with tiled which is similar to the brick-built, which creates a rustic interesting style of the kitchen.


Combined garden bench.

Often in gardens and home gardens arranged combination of garden benches. They are comfortable, beautiful, practical, durable enough. Popular combination of metal and wood. Comfort and warmth of the wood used in the bench seat, and durable metal supports and wrought-iron headboards. Other combinations are allowed: concrete, stone, wood and forging, stone and metal.


Kitchen Design from Charmean Neithart

To create the design of this beautiful kitchen was used predominantly white. This is absolutely justified – the kitchen is small and the use of other, saturated colors overloaded to a small area. White kitchen – a classic, you can love or not to take, but he could not refuse. Clean and spacious – this is what gives the feeling of this kitchen. To kitchen space was reminiscent of the operating room, designer Charmean Neithart diluted cool white light turquoise ceiling and contrasting dark floor. In addition, the wall was adorned with a very bright mosaic. This added element of…


Tables for a small kitchen

Choosing the right furniture can not only be a practical solution, but in the end, your small space will be even more preferred destination, rather than, for example, the spacious living room.


Fun decor ideas

We would like to show unusual ideas for the decoration of your home. On the other hand, they seem ridiculous. Table on which to draw with crayons during a meal, write something out of your head. Funny carpet of beads that can be used as a toy for dogs, given that it is not expensive, and is made by hand. Boxes with inscriptions, convenient and practical, not to be found in a pile of things that you just need to face. Surprise other ideas!

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