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Chandelier lays aside the interesting shadow

Forms in Nature – a unique ceiling lamp, created by designer duo from the studio Hilden & Diaz. When the lights in the dark chandelier makes this magical room in fairy forest. The concept of the chandelier is a form of branching tree and its root system, creating shadows that lie directly on the surface of all the rooms.


Convenient cabinet – wardrobe from Hosun Ching

Designer Hosun Ching created the wardrobe for my graduation project. It can safely be called “Smart closet,” as he called mini-fitting mirrors to see the beauty of the costumes from every angle. According to the designer: “The depth of a standard wardrobe 60cm. This is too little, it is simply impossible. With this size of a cupboard, you literally lose sight of your clothes and  notice things that have not clothed. Dressing room – it’s a smart device storage solution designed. The most important thing in these models – the organization and visibility.

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