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Tetran Modular Furniture

With the slogan multifunction life, Tetran modular furniture allows users to build, rebuild, and modify existing solutions furniture in different directions in order to remake the furniture itself. Especially handy this furniture will be for college students, a very functional and comfortable furniture, you can always rearrange everything. Incoming search terms: modular furniture


Dynamic and Versatile Modular Furniture Sets Your Creativity Free

“More” Design Rulz, and we fell in love with the concept! Very new and comfortable, still have modular furniture that changes forever the way we perceive space. It offers endless different solutions, and it can be used in different. Designed for indoor and outdoor spaces more interesting way to set creativity free. The central concept of this project, designed by the Italian designer Giorgio Caporaso, was transformability.


Random Shelf System for Constantly Redesign Your Room

The Konnex shelf system from Muller Mobelwerkstätten is a modular, slot-in unit perfect for people who enjoy constantly redesigning and organizing their environment. The comb-like slots on each side of the modules allow a wide variety of shelving spaces to be created. A set of basis that consists of 3 modules can be configured individually to the rac and can be adapted to every space and every situation.

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