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Seoul’s Idea – Virtual Store

Android owners, take heed: no more waiting in epic lines at the market to pick up the day’s staples. From milk and juice and toilet paper to choice cuts of your favorite meat, South Korea’s Homeplus has got you covered. The country’s #2 discount chain has designed the coolest multitasking app that will simplify the mundane and oft annoying necessity of shopping for food and toiletries. Say you’re waiting for your train at Seoul’s crazy-busy Seolleung train station, and you have a few moments to kill, but your day is already jam-packed with meetings and you don’t know when you’re…


Creative Ideas with Recycled Bicycle Chain

For one believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and these recycled bicycle chain creations listed here just suggest the same. The recycled bicycle chain innovations prove that trash bike chains aren’t waste, they can be used in an innovative idea for something better. The broken bike chains can be granted a death sentence but these in the hands of an artist can get another life. So, just hit the jump to see twenty of the best recycled bicycle chain creations and then decide whether you’d like to wear a bike chain made belt buckle or would like…

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