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Shelves and designer furniture ideal for those who have always worked at home

Shelves designer will allow you every day to change the design and the functional purpose of your work space – ideal for the home and office. It’s simple: you create an original (or a book profiling in the studio) set of bookshelves, and that will be the key elements of your design. And by doing so, make a shelf or a resolution, or a multiple of the size of the smallest of them. That is, large shelves must be greater than the small flat in 2, 4 or 6 times, but in this case, you can use them as unusual,…


Apartment in the attic

Scandinavian style – a modern utilitarian solution for all apartments. It is simple, but the effect. Bright but not pompous. This is a light, airy interior uncluttered, which is typical Scandinavian style. We see that things in this interior are selected very carefully, we can say the slogan: “Down with all the extra”! Here, each item or object has its functional purpose and nothing more. To dilute some cool interior, the owners very carefully added a bit of art in the form of paintings and left the old beams and rafters as they are. Unusual solution – in oven and…

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