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Luxurious interior design from Graciela Rutkowski

What is most valued in the modern home? Comfort, beauty and functionality. All this offers designer Graciela Rutkowski. Even the classic restrained interior requires the infusion of bright colors. Moreover, a classical direction is as intense as it is modern. Interior style in our time has become the optimal flexibility and fully mobile, and more open to outside influences. Classic furniture, lighting fixtures, sanitary engineering and accessories it is not breathes retro, and they are perfectly combined with trendy technique and decorative elements. Fresh, green, bright – here are the first thoughts that come to mind when looking at the…


Romantic bedroom with a beautiful terrace

This bedroom is so reminiscent of the summer! Fresh and bright colors, lots of greenery and light, terrace – this is not the place where you would like to meet this morning? Spacious room, five large windows provide plenty of natural light to this room.The centerpiece of the bedroom is white iron bed with a canopy. On the contrary it is an old yellow dresser that needs restoration. Masters deliberately not taken action on his appearance – his worn surface gives the room more charm. Also, the room has a small reading area with comfortable chairs and a small coffee…


Yellow Inside

Yellow, which lifts our spirits! But when painting your walls, yellow, often cutting eye color to get right. He often comes too green or too pale and washed out. Yellow, which have a strong depth and make you fresh again. It’s no secret that the yellow light has long been the choice of color for the interior. And why not? Sunny, warm and uplifting.


Stylish Leaf hydroponic system

Agree always good to have fresh herbs and vegetables from their own garden, but it’s like a dream for many who live urban apartments. That is the reason why the concept of hydroponic gardening and living walls become so popular these days. Enter Leaf, modular and compact hydroponic system you can use to grow a variety of plants, vegetables. Design Hodge Mitchell leaves hydroponic system secures to your walls and use passive hydroponics feed moisture for plants. This is a great option for those who do not want to buy vegetables from pestsitsidami that were processed chemicals.

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