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Application to a series of furniture by Richard Hutten for Artifort

Dutch designer Richard Guttenom was created series of applications for the furniture brand Artifort. The design of sofas and chairs in the series, based on the types of the icon screen smartphone. The manufacturer offers this description of the product – it is a “cube with rounded corners, as an icon on the device’s screen.” Comfort is provided by the use of Annex wooden inner frame and weaving cobwebs in the back, which enhances the natural comfort of a thick layer of foam. Upholstery these applications can be performed with one or two different fabrics; as there are variations: Single…


Gravity Balans Chair

Designer Peter Opsvik has created a comfortable chair for furniture Balans Varier. As the name implies, this room allows the user to sit in while the other part is in the hanging wall. You can be in four different positions to help with the natural body breath, leg height to improve circulation, spine and neck support for all, giving the user a natural feeling of weightlessness. Different angles can curl up, stretch forward and release your body to move and support necessary of course, when you need it most.

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