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Beautiful yellow bath

Cheerful bathroom with African motifs – what you need of a host with a sense of style and sense of humor. Yellow wash rounded brightens up all the pathos of the rest of the bathroom: darkened corners, zebra on the floor and black textiles create a mystery, almost surreal landscape. Simple and functional cupboard under the sink is so capacious that no other furniture just does not want to – you can give all the space under the decorative elements.


Bathroom design in gentle tones

Beautiful and spacious bedroom is interesting is the fact that it has two windows, it has a zonal division with arches, and it has access to the bathroom. Also in the room is equipped with a place to work. Many beautiful decorative elements show us the beauty of the interior, and perfect color combinations and scales and speak about harmony in the design of this room. Bright maroon blankets stress conditions in the room, because it lead quiet pastel tones. Bright red armchair for reading, which stands at the window particularly in soft colors. In this case, upholstery chairs are…


Interior of any apartment can be converted to Cat House

To furry pet was bored and felt comfortable in the personal space of human dwellings, the owner need only show a little imagination. Comfortable and beautiful area for your cat can be made from a cardboard box, not to mention all the great discoveries in the field of pet products. If you’re a big fan and proud owner of the cats, the interior of the house or planning to purchase a new furniture and other decorative elements, it is worth considering, and if she will like your cat. After all, the furniture can be used not only for comfort, but…

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