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Beautiful curtains for windows

Making window curtains, pictures of which we offer are the kitchen curtains. Kitchen – generally considered to face the hostess. So try to decorate “our face” with his hands. There is a very simple ideas for decorating your windows curtains, picture it shows. And if you have the slightest sewing skills, you can easily handle it. Buy fabric in accordance with the overall interior design of our kitchen, or just the one that will like it. The main thing – to like! Then the kitchen will be nice to spend time preparing a delicious meal. So it’s time to get…


Curtains made of beads, beads and improvised

Now in stores is a great choice of blinds and curtains for home. But, you see, elegant blinds, made with their own hands is always interesting and unusual. We tell you how to make their own unique curtains of the beads. With this accessory is even usual window will acquire individuality and the interior of the apartment will amaze your friends and acquaintances with its elegance. Sunbeams playing in multi-colored beads, attract the eye and create the illusion of a fairy tale. Start with the selection of beads, deciding what style should be your curtains. Glass, wooden or acrylic –…


Apartment of the Iinterior Designer Elena Nikitina

Elena Nikitina was keen to use area to the maximum leaving the space opened in her own small apartment. A natural oak tabletop at full length of the room was made for a single-room studio with patterned walls and wallpaper from Fornasetti collection, and the opposite mirror wall expanded the space visually. Owner: Lena – an interior designer Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 35 sq. m Ceiling height: 3 m Lena lived with her parents before the purchase of her own housing a year and a half ago. She searched her apartment in an old house in the north…

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