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8 tubs, are fun to immerse

As for the spectacular appearance, a favorite of recent years – bath CORSEL № 1. It is called “bath from another world”, referring to the world of high speeds and fine chemicals. Aerodynamic model is made of carbon fiber, a material involved in aircraft and automobiles. Although CORSEL № 1 is not going nowhere, all kind it shows affinity with racing bollidami. Size she also outstanding: 2,43 x1, 23 m and if not her, then her just have to race: in the world of just 51. Incoming search terms: bath tub



Beautiful wallpaper design locker Wardrobe one room where you can have a little fun design-wise – and it’s amazing wallpapers certainly makes impact. Western-style clothes This remarkable folding chest is unmatched skill, but equally at home on the ranch with his subtle stirrup motif beautiful pen. Women design idea wardrobe One for the girls – it’s tongue-in-cheek blind, of course, makes the smallest room in the house. Compact design ideas closet If your wardrobe is tiny, save the beautiful colors of light and easy to use fittings – such as this pool, which doubles as a towel rail – to…


Country bathrooms – 10 of the best

Simple forms of private One of the last one to focus on the design of the bathroom simple lines with a minimum of detail, but also choose to taper the bathroom, not angular model. Use a wall or floor, of copper to achieve a continuous line. Incoming search terms: bathrooms


Sleek Wooden Bathroom

Kashani is an Israeli company founded by brothers Efi and Shlomi Kashani.Duet combine state engineering capabilities with design skills and craftsmanship to create the most comfortable bathroom furniture room. Produced in small quantities with a limited production and, therefore, easily customizable to the end user . Each design begins its life as a sketch on a piece of paper in front turns into a digital prototype using 3D modeling software. After thorough testing of products made of wood with CNC milling machines and finished by hand.


The Striking Bath Boat

The famous designer watched the fishermen who sailed in boats one morning, this unique Bathboat captures the essence of relaxation and functionality. Providing “a new experience with a simple intervention,” this wonderful project from Dutch designer Wieki Somers provides alternative sculptural bathroom design, integration, the need to find solitude in a boat floating in a strikingly modern design bathroom. Adding water inspired theme swimming bath, designer to recreate the way we look at swimming.


Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Fantastic mix of beautiful and comfortable bathroom ideas on Freshome, which proved very popular. If you want to redecorate your small bathroom or design from scratch, you can find some simple tips on how to do this, and as a bonus, a lot of photos. You’re probably wondering how you can make a small room the washing function, without sacrificing aesthetics. Well, taking inspiration from the small bathrooms in this post could be a first step in assessing your upcoming project. Incoming search terms: bathroom design , bathroom design ideas , bathroom , desain kamar mandi


Bathroom decorating – 10 cozy updates

The bathroom in a country style Do you want a bathroom in a country style? You will need a fast Glow shop, low cabinet color white eggshell. The interior is beautiful to look unusual vase or glass of fresh flowers. Bright towels and napkins. A couple of strokes, and our room was ready! Incoming search terms: [keyword] , bathroom decorating ideas

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