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House in the land

Beautiful house overlooking the Colorado River called Edgeland House. I must say that it is in some sense to give odds, for example, the famous Hotel Capital Hill, which was designed by Zaha Hadid commissioned by Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin for stunning Naomi Campbell. Although investments invested in this project is much more modest, but nonetheless, Edgeland – it is a beautiful and complicated reconstruction Pit-house, in which lived a long time Native Americans.


Space mansion Te Horo, New Zealand

Company Space Architecture Studio recently completed a draft huge mansion in New Zealand. The main difficulty was that the house project started from scratch – the old Master’s house needed rebuilding and repair. After a long analysis determined that the search for compromise will require more time than the development of the project, because the project started planning almost from scratch.


Wardrobe from Hosun Ching

Designer Hosun Ching created the wardrobe for his senior project. It can safely be called “smart cabinet” because it opens a mini-fitting mirrors to see the beauty of the costumes from every angle. According to the designer: “The depth of a standard wardrobe 60cm. too little, is impossible. With takimrazmerom cabinet, you literally lose sight of your clothes and prostone notice things that have not worn. Wardrobe – etosmart device designed for storage solutions. The most important thing in these models – the organization and visibility. Incoming search terms: wardrobe

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