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A comfortable bed for your pet

Models Corey Drew is miniature hammocks for cats and dogs. Among the materials used designer – natural wood, as well as soft tissue types. When you create a master hammocks set itself two key objectives. First, a bed for the animal to be really comfortable. After all, cats and dogs sleep differently than men, and therefore should take into account many other factors. Second, furniture accessories for animals must integrate harmoniously with the modern interiors of homes.


Gorgeous glossy design ideas

Glossy kitchen – the real stars of modern interiors. Pastel or bright, but always stylish and trendy, they look like they work on them big-name designer. Here are some design ideas gloss kitchen. Distinctive features glossy kitchens – it metal parts finishing, high-tech elements and frequent use of the kitchen monoblock, which gives the interior a more urban view. If you do, however, want to soften the design glossy kitchen, dilute it with natural wood.

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