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Creative lamp with the city

Draft Huddle light bulb: unusual lamp metropolis, which came up with designer David Graas, thanks to the modern innovation 3D printer. He believes that very soon we will live up to the moment when the three-dimensional printing will be available to absolutely everyone, and these printers will install in cities almost in every corner. Two people at any moment could print yourself thing he needs right now. New suitcase trolley, umbrella, a pair of shoes – anything.


Clinic by Aida Atelier

Saijo Clinic is minimal interior is located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by design studio Aida. Saijo Clinic is a private psychiatric clinic with short-care/group-care program. The clinic is located on the 11th floor penthouse in the building with a view of Shinjuku Gyoen parka.Penthaus was originally built as part of a huge sign on the roof. Clinic building huge and green, beautiful landscape, designers proposed a clinic in simple huts. The clinic provides comfort and convenience, and looks like a small rural house, located in the heart of the metropolis. These cute huts take different forms of relationship with each other:…

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